1 Load SQLite

2 Run Commands
Enter:Run a math.js or SQLite command
Shift + Enter: Go to the next line
  • Clear Window
  • Create a new databasedb_new
  • Download selected databasedb_download
  • Close an existing databasedb_remove
  • Inspect selected databaseSELECT
  • Inspect table structurePRAGMA
  • Database infoPRAGMA
  • Optimize the databaseVACUUM
  • Open JavaScript editor
  • Export
  • Export to math.js as a matrixSELECT
  • Managing Tables
  • Create a new tableCREATE
  • Rename a tableALTER
  • Add a new column to a tableALTER
  • Drop an existing column in a tableALTER
  • Drop a table and its dataDROP
  • Managing Indexes
  • Creating an indexCREATE
  • Create an expression indexCREATE
  • Querying Data
  • Query all data from a tableSELECT
  • Query data from the specified columnSELECT
  • Query unique rowsSELECT
  • Query rows using a WHERE clauseSELECT
  • Rename column in the query’s outputSELECT
  • Query data from multiple tablesSELECT
  • Count rows returned by a querySELECT
  • Sort rows using ORDER BY clauseSELECT
  • Group rows using GROUP BY clauseSELECT
  • Filter group of rows using HAVING clauseSELECT
  • Changing Data
  • Insert a row into a tableINSERT
  • Insert multiple rows into a tableINSERT
  • Update all rows in a tableUPDATE
  • Update rows that match with a conditionUPDATE
  • Delete all rows in a tableDELETE
  • Delete rows specified by a conditionDELETE
  • Search
  • Search using LIKE operatorSELECT
  • Search using full-text searchSELECT
  • Arrays and matricesmatrix
  • Use functionsmap
  • Use SQL functionsql
  • Use SQL function (parametric)sql
  • Use SQL function (parametric array)sql
  • Zeros functionzeros
  • Ones functionones
  • Range functionrange
  • Size and Dimensionssize
  • Line chartplot
  • Time chartplot
  • Scatter chartplot
  • Bar chartplot
  • Pie chartplot
  • Doughnut chartplot
3 Save your File